Here is a good map of Archanes.

Conference site

The talks will be held at the old elementary school of Archanes (map)

Hotels used in "Complex and Harmonic Analysis 2009"

Here is a map with the relevant facilities in Archanes. This (Google) map is a little old and some things are not shown correctly. For instance it shows Tzivaeri as unifinished (it is not) and the highway in front of it as half built (it is complete). There are some more accurate pictures in the maps listed below.

  1. Tzivaeri
    Each apartment contains two separate rooms and two bathrooms, kitchen, common sitting room. Map.
  2. Orestis
    All rooms are different from each other. Large rooms are on 2-3 levels. Map.
  3. Kritamon
    Over the restaurant with the same name (we only used one room from this). Here is the web site of the restaurant. Map.

Public bus schedule from Iraklio