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Hellenic Mathematical Society

The Hellenic Mathematical Society, celebrating its centenary in 2018, organizes the First Congress of Greek Mathematicians in Athens, June 25-30.

In the context of this celebration the HMS is also organizing a more specialized Analysis meeting. The meeting will take place at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Athens (venue information).

Speakers (31)

  1. Brazitikos, Silouanos (University of Athens)

        Uniform cover inequalities for the volume of coordinate sections and projections of convex bodies (▶abstract)

  2. Chatzakos, Dimitris (CEMPI, Lille and Universite Lille 1 -- Sciences et Technologies)

        Spectral theory of automorphic forms on the $3$-dimensional hyperbolic space (▶abstract)

  3. Djolovic, Ivana (University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor)

        A note on some Cesaro sequence spaces (▶abstract)

  4. Drivaliaris, Dimosthenis (University of the Aegean)

        The angle of an operator and range - kernel complementarity (▶abstract)

  5. Eskenazis, Alexandros (Princeton University)

        Polynomial inequalities on the Hamming cube (▶abstract)

  6. Georgiadis, Athanasios (Aalborg University)

        Analysis on metric spaces associated with operators (▶abstract)

  7. Iliopoulou, Marina (University of California, Berkeley)

        Near extremisers for the Riesz-Sobolev inequality on compact connected abelian groups (▶abstract)

  8. Kakariadis, Evgenios (University of Newcastle)

        Using entropy to parametrize KMS-states of Pimsner algebras (▶abstract)

  9. Koutsogiannis, Andreas (Ohio State University)

        Multiple ergodic averages and applications (▶abstract)

  10. Kyriazis, George (University of Cyprus)

        Measuring Smoothness in Function Spaces (▶abstract)

  11. Labropoulos, Nikos (University of Patras)

        Analytical approach of the symmetry: Sharp supercritical Hardy-Sobolev inequalities and applications (▶abstract)

  12. Malikiosis, Romanos-Diogenes (Technical University of Berlin)

        Fuglede's spectral set conjecture on cyclic groups (▶abstract)

  13. Manolaki, Myrto (University of South Florida)

        Optimal polynomial approximants on the unit circle (▶abstract)

  14. Marias, Michail (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

        Analysis on locally symmetric spaces (▶abstract)

  15. Mourgoglou, Mihalis (University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and Ikerbasque)

        Harmonic measure and quantitative rectifiability (▶abstract)

  16. Nestoridi, Evita (Princeton University)

        On the mixing time of the Diaconis-Gangolli random walk on contingency tables over $\mathbb{Z}/ 2 \mathbb{Z}$ (▶abstract)

  17. Nikolidakis, Eleftherios (University of Ioannina)

        Dyadic weights on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and reverse Hölder inequalities (▶abstract)

  18. Paouris, Grigoris (Texas A and M University)

        Recent developments on Dvoretzky's theorem (▶abstract)

  19. Parissis, Ioannis (Ikerbasque fellow - University of the Basque Country)

        Directional singular integrals and maximal averages in two and higher dimensions (▶abstract)

  20. Pattakos, Nikolaos (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

        Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with initial data in a modulation space (▶abstract)

  21. Petridis, Giorgis (University of Georgia)

        Additive combinatorics and multilinear exponential sums (▶abstract)

  22. Pouliasis, Stamatis (Texas Tech University)

        Condenser capacity and holomorphic functions (▶abstract)

  23. Sakellaris, Georgios (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

        Green's function for second order elliptic equations with singular lower order coefficients and applications (▶abstract)

  24. Saroglou, Christos (Kent State University)

        Wulff shapes and a characterization of simplices via a Bezout type inequality (▶abstract)

  25. Todorov, Ivan (Queen's University Belfast)

        Operator systems and non-signalling games (▶abstract)

  26. Tryfonos, Christiana (University of Cyprus)

        Weighted Koppelman integral representation formulas on smooth compact toric varieties (▶abstract)

  27. Tsirivas, Nikos (University of Ioannina)

        Universal Taylor series for non-simply connected domains (▶abstract)

  28. Tyros, Konstantinos (University of Athens)

        Independence vs structurability for stochastic processes indexed by the discrete hypercube (▶abstract)

  29. Vellis, Vyron (University of Connecticut)

        Fractional rectifiability (▶abstract)

  30. Vidras, Alekos (University of Cyprus)

        Bergman-Weil expansions for holomorphic functions in Several Complex Variables (▶abstract)

  31. Vritsiou, Beatrice-Helen (University of Alberta)

        On the variance conjecture for the Schatten classes (▶abstract)


Monday, 25 June Tuesday, 26 June Wednesday, 27 June Thursday, 28 June Friday, 29 June
Morning session
09:00 Tsirivas 09:00 Kyriazis 09:00 Vidras 09:00 Nikolidakis
09:30 Manolaki 09:30 Georgiadis 09:30 Tryfonos 09:40 Petridis
10:00 break 10:00 break 10:00 break 10:20 break
10:30 Marias 10:30 Pattakos 10:30 Pouliasis 10:30 Iliopoulou
11:00 end 11:00 end 11:00 end 11:00 end
Afternoon session
16:00 Malikiosis 16:00 Mourgoglou 16:00 Paouris 16:00 Tyros 16:00 Kakariadis
16:40 Nestoridi 16:40 Parissis 16:40 Saroglou 16:40 Todorov 16:40 Sakellaris
17:10 break 17:20 break 17:20 break 17:20 break 17:10 Labropoulos
17:30 Koutsogiannis 17:30 Vellis 17:30 Vritsiou 17:30 Djolovic 17:40 end
18:00 Eskenazis 18:00 Chatzakos 18:00 Brazitikos 18:00 Drivaliaris
18:30 end 18:30 end 18:30 end 18:30 end

For the program of the full meeting please see here.


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