Fourier Analysis Seminar in Crete

Department of Mathematics -- University of Crete

Fourier Analysis Seminar

Spring 2000-2001

Mihalis Kolountzakis and Mihalis Papadimitrakis

In Spring 2000-2001 we will be running, with the help of some colleagues, a weekly seminar on modern Fourier Analysis and its applications, especially in Geometry.

We will be meeting on Tuesdays at 7:15 pm in room Z 301 and the specifics of each talk will be announced at the usual location for the Analysis Seminar.

The topics we hope to cover are the following:

  1. Stationary phase estimates and applications
  2. Restriction theorems
  3. Bochner-Riesz summation
  4. The Kakeya and related problems

As reference we will be using E. Stein's Harmonic Analysis book and the lecture notes of T. Tao

January 30, 2001

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