Course notes

Course notes


Analysis (greek, for the courses Analysis I and II, February 2016). Complete version with solutions of almost all exercises, hand-drawn figures and bibliography. The link provides both the whole book (which I suggest) and all of the fourteen separate chapters.

(Rough) notes on Real Analysis (greek, September 2011).

(Rough) notes on Harmonic Analysis (greek, July 2013).

Infinitesimal Calculus (greek, for the course Infinitesimal Calculus I, NEW, September 2018).

Number Theory (greek, June 2014).

Some solved exercises for the course Infinitesimal Calculus III (greek, January 2014).

Very sketchy notes on Euclidean Geometry (greek, January 2007).

Handwritten notes: Optimization Theory, Complex Analysis, Fourier Series, Inequalities, Linear Algebra II, Number Theory.


Notes on Classical Potential Theory (english).

Notes on Functional Analysis (greek).

Notes on Measure Theory (english).

Handwritten notes: Spaces of Holomorphic Functions, Complex Analysis, Theory of Distributions and the Fourier Transform.

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