Analysis Seminar in Crete (2020-21)

Σεμιναριο Αναλυσης

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10/13/2020 11:00 A303Giorgos PsaromilingosMichigan State University Two-weight Carleson embeddings on multi-trees

We prove a two weight multi-parameter dyadic embedding theorem for the Hardy operator on multi-trees. The main result is known in the case n=1 and here we prove it for n=2,3. Strikingly, the ''Box'' condition we impose is much weaker than the Chang–Fefferman one, given the well-known Carleson quilt counterexample. However, this is not contradictory to our work, as we impose different restrictions on the weights. An application of this is the embedding theorem of Dirichlet space of holomorphic functions on the polydisc, which appears in the work of Arcozzi, Mozolyako, Perfekt and Sarfati.>/p>

This is joint work with N. Arcozzi, P. Mozolyako, A. Volberg and P. Zorin-Kranich.

7/20/2021 11:00 A214Mate MatolcsiRenyi Institute and BME (Budapest) Tiling and weak tiling
Abstract: We say that a set $A$ tiles another set $B$ weakly if there exists a measure \mu such that the indicator function of $A$ convolved with $\mu$ gives the indicator function of $B$. In a recent joint work with Nir Lev we proved that if a set $A$ is spectral in a group $G$ then $A$ tiles its complement $A^c$ weakly. Therefore, the following question arises naturally: if a set $A$ tiles $A^c$ weakly, under what circumstances can we conclude that $A$ tiles $A^c$ properly?

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