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Analysis Seminar in Crete (2022-23)

Σεμιναριο Αναλυσης


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9/22/2022, 11:00, Room: A303
Speaker: Andreas Koutsogiannis ( Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Joint ergodicity for functions of polynomial degree


Abstract: In this talk we will deal with multiple ergodic averages having iterates a common integer-valued sequence that comes from appropriate classes of functions. In particular, we are dealing with the combination of a Hardy, a tempered, and a polynomial function satisfying some growth-rate restrictions to avoid local obstructions. Joint work with S. Donoso and W. Sun.


9/29/2022, 11:00, Room: A303
Speaker: Giorgos Chasapis (University of Crete)

On a Rademacher-Gaussian tail comparison


Abstract: Let $\varepsilon_1,\varepsilon_2,\ldots$ be independent Rademacher random variables and $g_1,g_2,\ldots$ be independent standard Gaussian random variables. Pinelis has proved that there is an absolute constant $C>0$ such that for every $n\in\mathbb{N}$, real numbers $v_1,\ldots,v_n$ and any $t>0$, $$ \mathbb{P}\left(\left|\sum_{j=1}^n v_j\varepsilon_j\right|\gtrapprox t\right)\lessapprox C\cdot \mathbb{P}\left(\left|\sum_{j=1}^n v_jg_j\right|\gtrapprox t\right). $$ We extend this Rademacher-Gaussian tail comparison to the case of complex coefficients and discuss related open problems.

Based on joint work with R. Liu and T. Tkocz.


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Seminar organizer for 2022-23: Silouanos Brazitikos

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