PhD theses

Ap weights in harmonic analysis, A. Mpeneas, ongoing.

Closed range composition operators on spaces of analytic functions, C. Panteris, ongoing.

Oscillatory integrals with polynomial phase, I. Parissis, 2007, (english).

Master's theses

The duality between H1 and BMO; the complex variable theory , F. Papagewrgiou, 2016, (greek).

The atomic structure of H1 and the duality between H1 and BMO; the real variable theory , G. Psaromiligkos, 2015, (greek).

The Hardy-Littlewood maximal function on weighted Lp spaces and Ap weights , M. Ntekoume, 2015, (greek).

Behavior of maximal functions in Rn for large n, A. Mpeneas, 2015, (greek).

Properties of Taylor coefficients of Hp functions, P. Koutsaki, 2013, (greek).

Möbius invariant spaces, K. Panteris, 2011, (greek).

Decay of circular means of Fourier transforms of measures, C. Chatzifountas, 2009, (greek).

Historical roots of the integral of Stieltjes, F. Tsifountidou, 2006, (greek).

The best constant in the Hausdorff - Young inequality, I. Parissis, 2002, (greek).

Optimal Young and Brascamp - Lieb inequalities, I. Stefanakis, 1998, (greek).

Diploma theses

Some classical theorems of Wiener in harmonic analysis, M. Ntekoume, 2014, (greek).

The theorem of Mergelyan, N. Pattakos, 2008, (greek).

The interpolating sequences theorem of Carleson, D. Mavridi, 2006, (greek).

The interpolating theorems of M. Riesz and Thorin, D. Varsos, 2006, (greek).

The theorem of Dirichlet about prime numbers in arithmetical progressions, D. Nika, 1999, (greek).

The prime number theorem, M. Alevizaki, 1999.

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